LensMotion is a video production company based in Toronto, but not limited to the open spirit of the brand we want to export our expertise. Share our work ethic, we take the time to discuss the project, finding the best technical solutions, workplace inspections prior to shooting, testing techniques, development of the storyboard. The art direction is there to assist you in choosing strategic communications.

Accustomed to the video production in studio, but also live situation, we are adaptable in all circumstances. This step requires a discipline and a mastery of different tools of video production, it involves organizing a team for the shoot, light and sound. With the analytical work done in pre-production, filming can be done calmly and with optimal efficiency.


The assembly phase follows the line drawn upstream by providing key LensMotion, creativity, originality. The graphic design, photography, music, voice-over is the opportunity to instigate our partners to express their talent. With a relationship of several years in recording studios in France and Toronto, we provide audio mixing and mastering of high quality to provide a singular character to the final product.

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